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Teflon Tony rides again

BBC NEWS | Politics | Labour suffers local poll losses

Tony Blair has suffered a poor night in England's local elections as Labour lost 210 councillors.
The main gainers were the Tories, who had their best results since 1992. The Lib Dems failed to make much headway.

Not too bad for Labour, not good enough for the Tories, and disastrous for Ming. Tony will do a quick reshuffle, with the public behind the need for one he can do what he likes. He will present himself as the voice of the common man fighting against the government, lawyers and media - and all will be well again in his own little world - apart from the Gordon problem, but we don't mention that - but as Dorothy says, and Tony believes - Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Bluebirds fly. Birds fly Over The Rainbow. Why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why cant I?


I like the idea that Mr. Blair would present himself as representing the common folk against rapacious lawyers except that might make his domestic situation a little tense.

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