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Welcome to St Custards..

Fotherington-Thomas ... his questionable tendency to skip around the school saying such things as "hullo clouds, hullo sky".

Or as his new blog at Defra says:

David Miliband | Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs : Hello

Through the wonder of technology I now have an interim blog up and running.
It is particularly humbling to get the chance to help tackle climate change, an issue for which there are no quick answers, but which we can all play a part in addressing.
Defra is a department whose agenda touches everyone's life - from the cleanliness of our streets and the food on our plates, to the diversity of our wildlife and the future of the planet.

Ah, Bless him! But wait till Molesworth or Grabber pounce on him....


He was a rotten goalie, too.

Well is Grabber and Molesworth 1 don't get him, I shall uterly tuough him up instead...


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