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I'm a farmer - talk to me!

David Miliband on his blog says:

I am hoping to have a chance to get out into rural England to hear from farmers but also rural residents and businesses about the issues they face.
I will try to use the blog to continue the conversation started while I was at ODPM. If you have ideas about how we can best use the blog for this purpose, please let me know.

I have a couple of ideas.. but then he deleted my trackback comparing him to Fotherington-Thomas for saying "Hello trees"...- a gentle tease compared to what Blair, Cameroon and the rest of the grown ups get from me - so maybe he doesn't want to hear them...

UPDATE - and that trackback got deleted within 20 minutes! - they are sharpening up their act - now stop mucking about with his blog and go and sort my SFP out! (Please).


I was going to suggest he post his letter of resignation from government but though better of it and plumped for ...

You could start by posting information for farmers on when they're going to get their Single Farm Payments. That's English farmers of course, not Welsh and Scottish farmers who had theirs before Christmas thanks to their devolved governments.

You could also start supporting an English Parliament and campaign for the UK to leave the EU. It is, after all, the EU that has driven most of the damaging farming-related laws and regulations and an English Parliament would be able to concentrate on English farmers whereas the British government has to think of Britain meaning the Scots and Welsh get the benefit of two governments looking after their interests.

"...the Scots and Welsh get the benefit of two governments looking after their interests."

I am somewhat bemused as to why anyone would think this is necessarily a benefit.

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