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Good Question

Telegraph Blogs: David Rennie: May 2006: So who does want the EU?

The poor old European Commission put a brave face on it, today, but the latest pan-EU opinion poll makes bleak reading for Eurocrats.
Not necessarily because of the headline numbers - which show that only 49 per cent of EU citizens think that membership of the Union is a good thing for their countries....
to me, the main problem was that the poll showed – once again – that large swathes of core Europe, starting with France but also including Germany, are in an irrational funk about globalisation and the threat of competition from abroad.
...The whole poll is worth browsing through, especially the raw data at the back. I like most of all the spontaneous answers that crowd their way into the columns. For example, when the pollsters fanned out and asked people “which two of the following would strengthen your feeling about being a European citizen”, a quarter of the British respondents answered “I do not want to be a European citizen”, which was not on the list.

Now all we need is our "leading" politicians to break the pact that they won't mention Europe and we could start to have a sensible debate - WTF is the point of EU membership?


"They" are still talking about running another vote in those nations which voted NO to the Euro constitution. Fair enough, provided that they also have another vote in an equal number of those nations which initially voted YES.

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