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You read it here first! Come on wake up Guardian!

Telegraph | News | New farms minister quits after a week
(Filed: 10/05/2006)
Labour's stewardship of the countryside was branded a "total shambles" yesterday after Tony Blair's new farms minister left after a week in office...
Lady Ashton is understood to have spent the weekend assuming that she was moving from the DCA to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

It was only yesterday that it emerged that Downing Street had double-booked the peer, leaving her with two jobs at two different departments.

Downing Street effectively acknowledged the error yesterday and named a new farms minister in the shape of Lord Rooker

But no one at the Guardian seems to have noticed yet...

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Wind of change
Wednesday May 10, 2006

...Meanwhile, Baroness Ashton of Upholland, the fourth new member of the Defra team, replaces Lord Bach, whose disastrous handling of farm payments could still escalate and severely embarrass government. She, too, is desperately inexperienced about the environment, having spent most of her career working in childcare, health and family support. On the other hand, that could prove to be exactly the experience needed in the new Defra.


Unless he was attemppting to be ironic, could the Guardian editor explain just how expertise in childcare, health and family support would benefit the farming community?

Was she involved with the CSA? Does the Graun therefore think she knows all about cocking up payments to people waiting for money?

I must hand it to this government. Every day they reveal that they can exceed yesterday's incompetence. It really is a unique gift.


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