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Award that woman a rolling pin!

Woman gave burglar a panning - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

A woman who battered a burglar with a saucepan has been praised by a judge who said that many people would be disappointed that she had not hit him harder.
Laura Partington, 23, reached for the weapon in self-defence when she found a man in her bedroom. Ibrahim El- Hamady, who lived in the flat above Miss Partington's in Gloucester, had just ransacked her jewellery box. She laid into him so enthusiastically that the pan broke. She then went back to the kitchen to fetch another one. After chasing the 20-year-old burglar from her flat, she knocked him off his bicycle and dragged him in front of a closed-circuit television camera, where she held him until police arrived.

Good for her, and good for the judge!


Bloody brilliant! Might I recommend double chocolate rations for Mrs Partington and m'Lud?


Excellent! And a sensible judge for a change, hurrah!

I keep my sword collection in my bedroom. Maybe that's why I rarely get a man up here...

In ENGLAND? I'm amazed she's not been arrested and held without bail for attempted murder for such temerity.

awesome, somebody find me an address for this brave woman, I have an unused 10" cast iron pan I would like to send her as a replacement.

But will he be deported?

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