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Who was Anthony Rice's Human Rights Lawyers?

Telegraph | News | His rights were put before her life

A dangerous criminal was released from a life sentence because his human rights were put before protecting the public, an official inquiry said yesterday.
Nine months later Anthony Rice strangled and stabbed Naomi Bryant 15 times.
Rice should never have been allowed out of jail but obtained legal aid to engage a lawyer to argue for his freedom.
The Parole Board - in deciding to let him out - and the Probation Service - which should have closely monitored him in the community - took undue account of his human rights, fearing legal action against them.

Despite some deep Googling I can't find out who his lawyers at the parole hearing were. But if I was looking for a firm that specialised in arguing "human rights" I would go to Matrix Chambers, and one Cherie Booth . If anyone can find the answer I would be most appreciative....


Probably that appalling Gareth (sic) Peirce (sic) woman (sick!)

Why wasn't he hanged? Then his rights would have been neatly filled into the ground.

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