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David Miliband - An Apology

Like Boris has discovered today I can claim that "I am a farmer. Yes, folks, I am a Tibullan agricola." However unlike him I got my subsidy claim form in on time. In previous posts I may have mistakenly given the impression that Defra and David Miliband were suitable subjects for derision and disrespect. I would like to apologise for that erroneous attitude and repent. In fact everytime I see a picture of David Miliband I want to kiss his little rosy cheeks, tickle him under the chin, ruffle his hair and cover him in baby oil. He's lovely.
In other unconnected news my interim Single Farm Payment cheque arrived yesterday; my children can be shod and the wife fed.


Oh. When I saw the title I thought you were describing Miliband as an apology. I was looking forward to finding out for what.

For somebody who rails against the government so often, you sure do like your subsidy check.

What's up with that?

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