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The Tale of The Dented Hoe

Twenty years ago my father looked out of the kitchen window early one morning and spotted a rabbit in the vegetable patch at the far end of the garden. So he got the old BSA .22 down off the rack - in those days they weren't locked up - and opened the window quietly. It was about 25 yards and only the tip of its head was showing. Ping!


It wasn't a rabbit! - it was this old draw hoe, and if you look carefully you can see the dent just above the leaf. As he said he felt a bloody fool for not recognising what it was, but chuffed he hit it.


Ping? Poontang surely!,perhaps you are correct, itís been many a year since I last took a pot shot at some old hoe.

From the photo and the tale the evidence seems to point to the fact that the hoe in question is in the same place 25 years later. Can we surmise that Mr Englishman doesn't dig the garden very often? Or has it become a garden feature?


TE adds - I shall have word with the staff, or was this a crime scene re-enactment to liven up a dull day howing the King Edwards?

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