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Our mystery solved

In July 2004 I posted about a fax I had sent:
:An Englishman's Castle: They Work For You
My Query:

Dear Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC,
Late at night perusing the excellent www.theyworkforyou.com I notice on your register of interests that several of your trips have been financially supported by Flying Lion Ltd. I just wondered who they are, as the only information that is thrown up on a web search is, via a far right web site, which quotes them as "(A)company (that)owns one Dassault Falcon 900EX (registration VP-BMS) registered in Bermuda at the following address:
Being curious I wonder why such a small airline is prepared to fly you, and apparently no other MPs to ;
Kabul and Baghdad, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and Afghanistan, Georgia and Turkey.
I am making this enquiry public on my website www.anenglishmanscastle.com and unless you request otherwise I will make the reply public. I hope that is OK.

He never replied, or to a follow up one and I gave up as he was helpful about another matter. But The Times has finally caught up and solved the mystery.

Senior Tories declare 50,000 of free flights - Britain - Times Online

FOUR senior Conservative MPs have declared more than 50,000 of free travel from an offshore company after an investigation by The Times.
Michael Ancram, the former deputy leader, Richard Spring, the party vice-chairman, and the Shadow ministers Caroline Spelman and Mark Simmonds flew across four continents from 2002 to 2004.

Mr Ancram's flights and hospitality amounted to 33,000 in gifts from an aviation company based in the Atlantic tax haven of Bermuda. The MP has told the Electoral Commission that the business is owned by Lord Ashcroft, the former party treasurer.


Maybe you've found Britain's equivalent to Air America. If you have, I'd watch out for suspicious looking types lurking around the farm.

Still, if you do see any, you can probably shoot them on suspicion of being child molesters.


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