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Choose your Doctor carefully

You can get quick surgery abroad - and charge the NHS, court rules - Britain - Times Online

PATIENTS who are forced to wait longer than doctors would advise for NHS treatment can travel abroad for care and reclaim the cost after a landmark court ruling.
The European Court of Justice said yesterday that the NHS must refund the cost of foreign care if patients endure "undue delays" for surgery in Britain

Leaving aside how the envy of the world and "quite superb" NHS with is zillions of punds of taxpayer's money and quadrillions of staff can be out performed by a shoulder-shrugging Gaulouis-smoking beret-wearing onion seller working out of the back of a Cafe the important lesson to be learnt is to get your doctor on your side. When "Despite having arthritis and being in constant pain, (you are) told that (you) would have to wait for a year for a “routine” operation at (your) local hospital in Bedford." go back to you GP and get a "Clinical Opinion" that this is unreasonable - what inducements you choose is up to you, he might actually do it because he is a decent chap - and then book yourself a flight to somewhere warm and the beds are available.


The health service here in France seems to be pretyy good in that I've heard mainly good stories but some bad. (all first hand, no heresay).
Example: An British (Welsh) lady living down the road discovered a lump in her breast. She saw here GP that morning and was booked in with a specialist the next morning. Because she did not know the town well (Angouleme, Charente) the surgeon agreed to meet her at the station and drove her to his surgery. A biopsy was taken that morning and the results back (benign) next day. Lump to result: 24 hours.
On the other hand there is a shortage of Opthalmologists and I had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment.
Normally to see our GP, we either pitch up in the morning and wait (never more than an hour) or phone in to make an appointment in the week. The GP has no secretary and she always books you in for the day and time that suits us, not herself.

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