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Every cloud...

With the news that Heather and Paul are splitting I hope a bit of luck may fall on an old friend of this blog, and writer of the Dear Hugh letters, Geoff Baker. As I mentioned before he was sacked at Heather's insistance:

An Englishman's Castle: Sacked again

"The major problem was that Heather felt Geoff was a bad influence on Paul. She did not agree with the rock'n'roll lifestyle and she knew Geoff was always sneaking off for a spliff. She didn't want Paul to indulge in that sort of lifestyle."

If you believe the press she has a serious problem -
Paul and Heather apart 'after rows over fame' | the Daily Mail

She is angry that he gets so much adulation from fans and is one of the most famous people on the planet, while she feels she should get just as much respect for being a model and campaigner.

Yeh right!
Still the radio is saying she can expect to walk away with 150 million...


Walk away? Doesn't she have to hobble a bit on that leg of hers?

She is some kinda crazy bitch, no surprise being as she's a bunny hugger.
150 mil to get rid sounds like money well spent to get rid of her.

I told she has ben going rounds in circles as she does not have a leg to stand on re any pre-nuptial. She was staggered.

As a racist and relic of days gone by, Geoff is well suited to the dust-bin of historical artifacts.

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