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Whoops nearly forgot! Postal shoot results.

I promised the results to An English Gentleman's Bulldog Postal Shoot today.

Bit rushed as I've got other things tod o but the winner is this group - this email from a bunch of students made it all worthwhile:

"shot at Bisley on the Melville range last Wednesday by members of the Reading University Pistol and Rifle club. We left the bolts for the .22 target rifles at home so we were forced to shoot with very battered .357 underlevers with open sights. To hit the middle we had to aim off by about a foot as no one could be bothered to work out to reset the sights. Richard Gee is a new member. His entry is his first ever shoot with a real rifle (as opposed to an air rifle).

We shoot at Bisley every Wednesday afternoon during term time."

He might not have quite scored the highest but I think the assembled multitude would vote that Richard and Flic (the highest scorer) share the beer tokens - come and get them!

Shooting 1.gif
Shooting 3.gif


Now those are proper-sized holes!

Collecting those beer tokens sounds like a plan for a club trip.

We went shooting with the Surrey Historic Rifle Association on Wednesday and got to play with all sorts of exotic toys and we had another brand new shooter along with us.

Keep up the good work,


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