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Porridge with lots of cream on top.

2.8m award for prisoner who tried to kill himself - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

COMPENSATION payments to prisoners have doubled in the last year to more than 4 million, while the total legal bill to the Prison Service has reached 20 million a year, The Times has learnt.

One prisoner received 2.8 million compensation after a failed suicide attempt, which is equal to the previous prison service record payout in 2002.
The payment was made in an out-of-court settlement to a prisoner who self-harmed and claimed for miscellaneous injury against the Prison Service. The service estimates that the costs alone of the case will be more than 1 million.

See - that what's happens when nobody listens to me. If the cell had been equipped with a hook in the ceiling and strong length of rope, he wouldn't have botched it and it would have saved us all a lot of money. Penny pinching by the prision authorities must stop, get the cells properly fitted out.


Quite right, an open electrical socket should be made available too, multiple redundencies are always best, to ensure a job to completion.

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