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Reid's Rozzer Trouble

Telegraph | News | Police 'will lose 25,000 officers in mergers'

Police force mergers in England and Wales will cost up to 600 million to carry out and will 'destroy' Government plans to extend neighbourhood policing, says a confidential paper prepared for chief officers.
The report says that without extra funding the new 'superforces' will fail to achieve their intended purpose - to improve the protection of the public from serious crime. 'It won't even do what it says on the tin', it says.

Wonko's World: Will the Home Secretary order a single Scottish police force?

English police forces have to merged into large regional forces because they are too small to effectively fight terrorism and serious and organised crime. The proposed West Midlands regional police force will cover 5m people.

The Home Secretary's constituency in Scotland is covered by Strathclyde Police. They cover 2.2m people and are planning to split into 6 smaller forces because they can't effectively police 2.2m people.

According to the Home Office, this is too small to fight terrorism and serious and organised crime. By allowing any more than one single regional police force in Scotland covering its population of 5m, the Home Secretary is putting the UK at serious risk of terrorist infiltration from inside Scotland.

Naturally, I have written to the Home Office asking if the Home Secretary will be exercising his right to legislate on devolved matters in Scotland for the safety of the country by forcing them to merge into a single regional police force.

If I was "Dr" Reid I would just blame it on my predecessor and junk the plan - that is the normal management option, and the sensible one in this case - or because it won't affect his constituency or country maybe he doesn't care what happens in the vassal state.


Surely now we have SOCA, there is no need to combine local police forces to combat terrorism and multi-county organised crime.

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The Police force mergers are part of the EU's sneaky attempt to push through regionalisation.

Army super regiments = Same thing
Ambulance service mergers = same thing

Mercian Crusader

Mercian Crusader makes a good point. As a Yank, I don't know much about the goals of the EU, but it seems evident from my perspective that your Army is constantly being tasked with more missions for a smaller force, and with 25,00 fewer rozzers, the police would seem to be in the same boat. In the U.S. we have literally thousands of small police jurisdictions, yet, for the most part, inter-departmental communication does not pose a problem. Go figure.

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