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Funding terrorism

How $45m secretly bought freedom of foreign hostages - World - Times Online

FRANCE, Italy and Germany sanctioned the payment of $45 million in deals to free nine hostages abducted in Iraq, according to documents seen by The Times.
All three governments have publicly denied paying ransom money. But according to the documents, held by security officials in Baghdad who have played a crucial role in hostage negotiations, sums from $2.5 million to $10 million per person have been paid over the past 21 months. Among those said to have received cash ransoms was the gang responsible for seizing British hostages..

Lily livered bastards the lot of them, how many times does it have to be said that paying kidnappers is a stupid, bad and dangerous idea.
Back at the end of September 1985 four Soviet diplomats were kidnapped in the Lebanon - one was killed but the others were released unharmed after the Spetznatz turned up in the mountain villages that the kidnappers came from and started wreaking biblical revenge. No more Soviets were kidnapped.


Yeah, the paid a bundle to free the commie journalist Sgrena, who was happily popagandizing for the insurgents. Her "kidnapping" was probably staged.

If your opponents have a mediaeval mindset, then the only answer is to get mediaeval on their collective ass.


Anyone entering a war zone should be required to post a bond that would establish a reward for the capture or killing of anyone guilty of kidnapping the person.

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