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The madness of King Tony

The madness of King Tony - Comment - Times Online

....the complete lack of strategy or vision at the top of the Government and their replacement by gimmicks.

Since the local elections (and, I know, many would say, before them, too) there has been nothing but gimmickry from No 10.
We have a Prime Minister who seems to believe that if only he had more power, flexed it more openly and wielded it more ruthlessly, he could get everything he wants. The Prime Minister has gone quite mad.

Go on then, tell us what you really think of him! If it wasn't a tragedy it would be a farce, and guess who is paying for it all..


Since you asked----.

Blair and Bush will be remembered in history as the two world leaders that finally pointed the mideast into a positive direction. Although not apparently common knowledge, English troops will soon be coming home from the mission in Iraq with a very well done job behind them. Without Blair, this simply would not have happened.

In a world where the media can rewrite history (temporarily) to accomplish goals of destroying reputations with false and misleading stories, very, very few of us could have accomplished what Blair and Bush have done.

Unpopular as the subject is, makes me think that there may be a God after all.

Ray Elliott
Rapid City
South Dakota
United States

"English troops will soon be coming home from the mission in Iraq with a very well done job behind them."

Typical. Leaving the Scots, Welsh and Irish troops to clean up the mess?


Is "British" a more acceptable word for you Pete?

If you are worried about "King Tony", perhaps you should reflect what would happen if we had "Queen Cherie" instead? Now, THAT would worry me, and I think he is bad enough.

Hi Ray - yes, British is it :-). I can never resist commenting on the loose use of 'English' for 'British'.

British is what I am (most of the time). I was born in England, but my father was from Scotland, my mother from England, and my older brother and sister were born in Scotland. My wife is Scottish, my children were born in England, but we moved here when they were very young so they sound (and think of themselves as) Scottish.

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