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Media Studies - from Hero to Zero in a week

A quick Technorati Search: Mark Inglis shows a fascinating example of how a story "turns". Eight days ago Mark Inglis was "a hero and inspiration to all" with his feat of climbing Everest on tin legs. His passing by on the other side of a dying man was just one of those things. Yesterday I blogged on it and basically called him a dispicable shit for doing so - a lot of others have done the same in the last 24 hours and it is now all over the MSM. It will be interesting to watch the story develop further.

Blogosphere posts that contain Mark Inglis per day for the last 30 days.
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I remember seeing the story of how this fellow lost his legs on Mt Cook. This was on Ray Mears Survival.
It struck me then that this fellow was proper bonkers.
I vote for despicable shit, but if he had been a brit leaving a Kiwi to die up there my point of view may well have been different!

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