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What a drag

Telegraph | News | Woman wins right to sunbathe naked

An occupational therapist has been given the right to continue sunbathing naked in her back garden after a court cleared her of indecent exposure.
Lynett Burgess, 55.....

Euuggh! Why is it always the old dried up wrinklies with their dugs like two empty crocodile purses and arses that droop like two half filled hessian potato sacks that want to parade their body? - Pictures though I wouldn't recommend them without a strong restorative drink to hand.
Why can't a brace of Scandinavian twenty year olds want to exercise their rights next door?


I can't understand why people want to go naked in their gardens; just topless can be dangerous enough...

These are questions that have long bothered me.

dammit man, somebody pass the eye bleach.

Unfortunately after the age of 30 or so, most of us look better in the dark.

For the sake of her neighbours' sanity I can only hope that she has a similarly inclined twenty something daughter.


Well, according to the Sun she does have a 20 year old daughter. Perhaps her neighbour kicked up all the fuss because she wouldn't join her mum's naked sunbathing sessions.

You do have to worry about someone who's first reaction to seeing his neighbour naked is to whip out his video camera. Personally, I find that more disturbing than any number of naked grannies.


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