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The Great Escape

Don't shoot! That bear is heading for the border - World - Times Online

Werner Schnappauf, the Bavarian Environment Minister, issued a “shoot to kill” order. Dr Schnappauf urged hunters to “put a shotgun in your knapsack and get up there quickly”. He said: “This is now a problem bear. It cannot be allowed to roam freely.”

But fresh tracks suggest that the bear has eluded German hunters and is back in Austria. He would be foolish to linger there, however. Last night the Austrian authorities declared open season on the interloper, licensing 150 hunters to capture him dead or alive.

Make for Switzerland! Steal a motorbike! Just don't crash into the wire this time.....


Brave fuckers, ain't they, using a shotgun on a bear?

I dunno, slug should do the trick nicely.
Will pop dumb bitch Pink be rushing to save the bear?

Bears are a regular nuisance in New Jersey. My kids are often forced to spend their school recess inside because a bear has decided to use their playground.

My favorite bear news is when a large black bear decides to snack on a dust-mop lap dog in a suburban back yard. When New Jersey allows a bear hunt, it is shotgun only.

European bears are pretty small, it's not like a Grizzly, the wear funny hats and ride around in circuses - why not steal the motorbike and retire in Bern, Switzerland?

Will Whitehall bid on the carcass to manufacture bearskins for the Brigade of Guards?

clay bear shooting, anyone?

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