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Ripped off again

Grand Cru zum halben Preis bei Lidl [planet bordeaux]

...einem Chablis Premier Cru 2004 (5.99 Euro), einem Premier Cru Champagner (13.99 Euro) und einem Châteauneuf du Pape 2003 (9,.99 Euro) auch ein Grand Cru aus Saint Emilion, der für 7.99 Euro angeboten wird

So why am I having to pay £9.99 for my St Emilion Grand Cru from my local Lidl? Of course great value as our Teutonic Grocers have persuaded some overstocked and overstretched cheese-eating château owner to part with it on the cheap in return for some immediate folding stuff. Real grown up wine with the taste of berries overlain with hints of mud and wet dog-basket.
But still to be paying twice as much as Hans is a bit much - what we need is some sort of Common Market to sort it out.


Maybe you could give up the pound and use the same currency as Europe, turdboy. Then you could really complain when you are being ripped off.

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