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Thatcher saves us from the World Cup

Among the many blessings that this country has had from Lady T's munificence and benefaction probably few realise that they include saving us from the odious spectacle of our Association Footballers poncing about having won the World Cup. Much as I enjoy seeing our flag being waved I am praying for an early knock out by Burkino Fasso so the bloody boring business will be relegated to the back pages.
- And Thatcher's role - she stopped the free school milk so that poor kids drank Kia-ora and Fanta instead, so their bones are like a cheap Llandidno plaster donkey and break at the first contact with the girly balls they use nowadays.
Her legacy lives on and still we benefit.


I hated school milk, particularly because it was always left out in the sun and as a result was warm and sickly before we had to drink it. Accordingly I was grateful to Maggie.

When I was at school in the 60 ties, before Margaret Thatcher even thought about school milk, our milk consumption dropped from around 500 per day to two crates!!!! In winter it froze the tops off and in summer it sat boiling and curdling. Nobody wanted to drink anyway, and those of us who did, had to run the gauntlet of the rest of school. Out headmaster wisely stopped it back then, telling us it was just a waste of tax-payers money und giving us one last chance! We didn't take it, and that was the end of school milk. I am certain that Margaret Thatcher had the same thoughts as our old headmaster and it was not a question of "deprivation" as you seem to suggest, but sensible thinking. It is certainly not her fault that our kids of to-day are overweight and ignorant!

Ah - school milk! We used to get it in crates of 1/3 pint bottles, and were all expected to drink a bottle of milk and eat a biscuit every morning. It was probably drinkable two days in three, and half-way to cheese on the third day. Fortunately, there was a boy in my class who liked the taste of sour milk, and could always be relied upon to exchange his empty bottle for a full but rancid one.

Milk ???? Ah yes I remember milk ... I used to send my 'fag' over the road to buy me some before he ironed my copy of the Torygraph in the morning

That should be 'cheap Llandudno plaster donkey' mate. You can still ride the real thing at Rhyl beach...

Hang on, the previous post isn't me, I'm not Mr Free Market... stupid xreferencing databases.

I remember that you could always tell with school milk when the cows had started eating neeps. But you couldn't tell with home-delivered milk: how did they do it?

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