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Blame Cyril the Squirrel

CBBC Newsround | Animals | Wild animals threaten songbirds

Grey squirrels and wild cats are wiping out the UK's songbird population, according to a new report.
The charity SongBird Survival wants the government to step in to protect the birds before numbers decline further.
It's estimated that overall some 180m adult songbirds or their eggs and young are killed by mammals every year - mainly by squirrels, cats and rats.

A surprise - The RSPB has been telling us it was due to "Climate Change" or wicked farmers - of course this being CBBC there is no suggestion of what should be done to control these pests...


UK wild cat population - quite small

UK domestic cat population - several hundred per demented old lady.

Methinks Fergus the Wild Cat of the Glens does far less damage than Mummy's Little Tiddles. But since the RSPB relies on Mummy and her ilk for income it can hardly go round telling the public that Tiddles is actually a psychotic killing machine can it?


BBC, America blames the decline on fox hunters.

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