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Climate Change - all the answers.

CBBC Newsround | World | Hotseat: Our climate expert answers your questions

We got Dr Myles Allen, a climate expert, to answer any questions you might have about global warming, whether the weather's getting worse, do we really need to recyle etc.

Amber, 13, Shrewsbury: "Is there any way to stop global warming?"
Dr Allen: "Absolutely there is. Essentially all we have to do is stop emitting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. It's that simple. ...

So there are no other possible causes in the equation, never been global warming in the past - or even on Mars then?

Max, 12, Bracknell: "When will we see the effects of global warming in the UK?"
Dr Allen: "Well lots of people remember that hot summer we had in 2003, and we've looked at that and worked out that human influence did play a role in increasing the risk of a summer like that one.

Now lots of people like hot weather in the summer, but don't forget that summer across Europe, killed more than 20,000 people."

And they died either because they couldn't afford the right technology for air conditioning for instance or else they were French and it was August and the doctors are all on holiday. -

Helen, 12, South Shields: "What can I do to help climate change?"
Dr Allen: The main thing that people have to realise is that eventually this problem is going to get solved. It's either our generation that's going to solve it, or Helen's generation, or her children, and every generation that you put off the decision to do something about the problem, it puts up the cost by a factor of a hundred or more.

So that's the choice that really has to be made. So Helen needs to talk to her parents about whether her parents are going to solve the problem cheaply, or leave it for her to solve much more expensively, or, Heaven forbid, for her to put it off to her children and leave them with a very big bill indeed

So piss off now and go and pester your mum and dad - I'm a very important scientist and I have some work to do as I am a "Review Editor for the chapter on predictions of global climate change for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report". What else did you expect with those facile and insulting answers?


I don't find many Welsh on my occasional visits to Hay.

How much CO2 is there as a 5age of the atmosphere?

Keep asking that question.

it's 0.039%

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