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As we were saying...

BBC NEWS | UK | Trust mulls 'deer hunting' return

Hunts may be a humane way of dealing with sick deer, the NT says

Deer hunting with hounds may be allowed on National Trust sites as the best way to deal with sick and injured animals.

"At the moment it is not easy to isolate them and shoot them, so this may be a way of drawing out the sick deer and despatching them effectively and quickly."


I must admit that when I first read this I didn't believe it. The NT? Saying hunting with hounds is humane and desirable? This surely can't be the same NT that so proudly banned hunting with hounds on its land years before Mr Blair imposed his draconian will on the rest of the country?

But it was true! Cue early morning happy dances (to the consternation of the Hounds of Remittance). Such was the upliftment of my mood that permission was granted for the staff of Castle Remittance to engage in five minutes of discrete and well mannered gloating before enjoying a double ration of small beer with their oatmeal this morning.

I do so love the sight of self-righteous gits coming face to face with the consequences of their ill-considered (mis)deeds.

Actually, I think I shall perform another happy dance right here, right now. Just for the sheer joy of it.


Oh so they'll be campaigning for a change in the law then?

There was an article in yesterday's paper about the possibility of allowing the shooting of wild boar, since they seem likely to become dangerous pests. But not in the season when they look after their young! Was someone having me on?


Oh, my head tells me that this idea will get nowhere; the rest of the animal "rights" lobby will see to that. But, quite frankly, any admission by the do-gooders that they may have been wrong is sufficient cause for celebration nowadays.

Personally I am looking forward to the first opportunity I have to throw this wee factette into the face of some pompous NuLabour urbanite 9though these are becoming rarer by all accounts), simply for the anticipated joy of watching his expression.

The Remittance Man wanders off happily towards the gun room to spend a happy couple of hours polishing the armoury.


Surely they could solve the problem just by letting you and Mr. FM into the "sickly deer" area?

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