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Democracy - cancelled

Sorry folks the rating of posts system is being overwhelmed by bots and spiders so at the request of the hosting company it is going.
Internet spammers - die die die When I get hold of one of you the imaginative use I'm going to make of a large can of Hormel's best, a flue brush, a 24 oz tube of valve grinding paste and a pineapple is going to make you wish you had never even seen a computer, and you certainly won't be sitting down to play with one for a very long time.


Shame about the bots, seems that l will have to start my own blog and protect my own castle
regards nico

Pineapple...as in grenade? :-) That would be a happy day.

I used to think that spammers should have their fingers smashed with mallets, but I've reformed.

I now believe that the little bastards should be locked up in a small room with a PC and a list of all the folk they have spammed. When they have sent an individual apology to every one (no cut and paste), they can go.


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