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Hunting nuLabour's Icon

Foxhunting and the Ban to be included - Icons of England

ICONS A Portrait of England is announcing today that it will include "Foxhunting and the Ban" in its next round of national icons to be released at the end of July. It is another step in the creation of an online collection that aims to provide a snapshot of the life of the nation in the 21st Century.
The news follows intense lobbying and voting on the ICONS site in favour of choosing Foxhunting as an icon. But there were thousands of votes against as well, reflecting the strength of feeling in the country in support of the Government's ban in 2005.

Jerry Doyle, Managing Director of ICONS said: " In England, whenever images of horses and hounds gathering on village greens come to mind, so too, inevitably do images of hunt saboteurs and scuffles with the police. Nowadays foxhunting and the ban are inextricably linked in the popular imagination. This is the way ICONS and its advisory board has decided to include "foxhunting and the ban" in its collection...

We are releasing news of our decision as soon as possible because of the level of public interest in the issue. It was important to give everyone a chance to have their say and to decide the best way to cover this issue.

Voting figures as of 28 April 2006 relating to the Foxhunting issue include: Foxhunting 24,395 For and 11,907 Against (67.20% in favour) ; the Fox 303 For and 206 Against

Voting is still open on these nominations and you can make comments as well if you wish to record your point of view.

Ah, how lovely and inclusive and also how to whip up a bit of interest in the project!


Since when has illiberal idiotic legislation been an icon of England?

Since when have intolerant, unhygenic socialists with too much facial ironmongery been national icons?

Methinks that Mr Doyle, having been commissioned to find trendy Blairite icons to demonstrate how beloved is the Dear Leader, is having to perform some serious back peddling when the English public showed that they prefered things that harked back to the days before Mr Blair was even an itch in Daddy Blair's goolies.

Does anyone know how much is this entire exercise costing, by the way?


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