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A chance for you to sneer at me.

Graphic: the 100 albums of all time - Newspaper Edition - Times Online - Well I think I have seven of those on my new MP3 player!

I have got it about a tenth full so far with a thousand tracks. In the good old days one could rifle through someone's LP collection and cast an eye across their Penguins to be able to judge a chap. With MP3 players and iPods it is harder, though you will have noted how every leader has had to declare what is on his iPod so that it can be deconstructed.

I worry what my nearly random collection tells of me, and what people would think. I know my valued friend Kim would be pleased to see I'm renting Leif Ove Andsnes and the Berliner Philharmoniker - Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor but would be horrified that Songs for Swinging Lovers is on the playlist.
Maybe the Harry Cornick Jnr would redeem me, but would bore the pants of No 1 son who has donated Green Day to the mix.
The vast numbers of Ramones' thrashings sit uneasily with Gershwin. Does Bic Runga deserve to be along side Avril Lavigne? Do Eric Coates and Marc Bolan happily share a bill? And can The Pogues powershare with the Protestant Boys East Belfast Flute Band's "Let it rip"?
Of course as I have been stuffing tracks on I have rediscovered past gems - Ragbone by Duane Eddy is fabulous and unlike his normal twangy style - and also that other old CDs haven't stood the test of time - I'm afraid a little bit of The Clash goes a long way - whoops that is Mr NBC offended now!
Napster's rent albums by the month - all you can eat for 15 - means it is easy to try out different records so I would welcome your suggestions, though anyone suggesting either Madonna or Coldplay will get to hear some Wagner coming towards them...

Now Playing - "The Theme from 633 Squadron"


How about Super Furry Animals (even if they are Welsh! - Phantom Power is a pretty good album). Groove Armada (Northern Star), Nine Days (The Madding Crowd)...

New Orleans Rhythm Kings "Tin Roof Blues", 1923 or thereabouts.

I don't recall seeing a swing in your garden so this:

Songs for Swinging Lovers

Must be something else...

Oh yes, I also forgot - there's a really excellent Norwegian group called Madrugada - the lead singer has an amazing voice. Two of their albums - 'Grit' and 'Industrial Silence' are well worth a listen.

I have Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris' new album on pretty much constant repeat at the moment. It's magnificent.

Bah. No Procol Harum? (Prodigal Stranger is superb.)

For heavier stuff: Kings X (Dogman)

Lighter: Beatles

Classical: Bach Organ music (Tocc & Fugue etc)

Anything by The Waterboys, although the albums "A Pagan Place" or "This Is The Sea" for preference...

Also, Thea Gilmore is great...


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