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Whose land is it anyway?

Yet again the principle of private property which underlies our freedoms and prosperity is waved away as inconvienient...

Telegraph | News | Right to roam all Britain's coastline

A new public right to roam on all beaches, foreshore and coastal land in England is being called for by a Government quango. It would include dunes, cliffs, banks, barriers and flats.
There would be no right of appeal against the proposed blanket right, nor any compensation to the owners of private beaches, hotels, nature reserves, wildfowling clubs or golf courses for any loss of income or capital value....

David Fursdon, the president of the Country Land and Business Association, said: "It is nonsense to suggest that the public is deprived of access to the coast. This half-term week, as usual, the roads have been clogged up with people doing just that: heading for the coast.

"We are happy to see improvements to access at the coast but this proposal is the sort of conclusion that might have been reached by the Bolshevik politburo, with the same lack of recognition of the legitimate rights of rural business people and property owners. The coast means different things to different people and some have invested heavily in residential, environmental and business assets that derive their value from seclusion and tranquillity. Taking that away without even addressing the issue of compensation is not only unreasonable but a sledgehammer to crack a nut."

Kate Conto, a spokesman for the Ramblers' Association, said that mapping had proved impossible under research carried out by the agency. Under the proposals, which the ramblers endorse, the extent of access land and the responsibilities would be set out in a code of practice, as in Scotland.

"There would be exclusion zones around property - that means 20 metres."

Oh that is bloody generous of her - she is prepared to keep her bunch of technicolour cagoul wearing beardies 60 odd feet away from someone's private retreat.

Remind me what is the "season" for Ramblers and how does the Boone and Crockett Club score them...


They don't understand private property. At least in a Communist country, the State bore the capital costs of ownership. This lot just make us pay for it, pay tax on it, and then do with it whatever they tell us to do.

For a closer comparison with an extreme left wing ideology you need to look to national socialism in Germany. The Nazis (unlike the communinsts)realised that it wasn't state ownership of assests that mattered, but merely state control.

"20m Exclusion zones around property"

And what, precisely does 'property' mean? The classic dictionary definition is of course something owned by someone or something; which to my mind includes land.

So not only are these muppets completely clueless when it comes to the concept of property rights, they can't even come up with a proposal that actually makes logical sense either.

Of course, when has logic ever been a factor in ZanuLabour's covert class war?


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