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U or non-U?

Name check reveals a new pecking order - Sunday Times - Times Online

To check the social standing of your surname, go to www.spatial-literacy.org/UCLnames/Surnames.aspx

After clicking on "1998", tapping in your name and pressing "find", click through to "geographical location" - status can be found in the "social demographics" box

The academics have adapted their research to create a “snobs online” database that enables anyone to type in their surname and find out what proportion of the population is above them on the class ladder.

A glance at the cabinet shows that Tony Blair has outshone the mass of Blairs in the country, who rank below 86% of the population. John Prescott, who has risen from the working class to become a croquet-playing deputy prime minister, has a surname outranked by 78% of the population.

The database also allows users to check how many people share their surname and the parts of the country where they live. The social status of first names has also been analysed, although this cannot yet be checked by users of the internet database. The academics found that Rosamund, Piers and Giles are near the top of the pecking order, while Kayleigh and Dwayne have least cachet.

My Results:

Category of surname - English - Nickname; Creature; Bird
Mosaic type with highest index # Sepia Memories
Index of top Mosaic type * 210
% of people with a more rural name 6
% of people with a more high-status name 2
Cultural, Ethnic, Linguistic categories of surname British

So I think that means I have an English name which only 2% have a posher one and only 6% a more rural one. Sounds fair enough to me!
And I belong to the Sepia Memories group - which seems to expect me to be a doddering old boy living in a bungalow on the coast with a set routine -
" Although likely to be nearing the ends of busy lives spent working and raising families, they are not yet giving up on their enjoyment of life and believe in keeping busy and mentally alert. Their age affords them a certain amount of freedom to enjoy life without worrying about the future unduly, and their free time means they can do things on the spur of the moment if they so choose.
Their day may well start with the delivery of their favourite newspaper – the same title they have probably taken for years. More than just a source of news, this provides amusement in the form of crosswords and other puzzles, competitions and so on. Magazines may play a similar role. The radio may be switched on, for companionship as much as anything, and this does mean that these consumers are kept well in touch with contemporary events and trends. Television viewing may centre around informative programmes, light entertainment and Songs of Praise.
As is to be expected, the focus of much consumption activity is on improving daily life and the quest for comfort and pleasure. This starts with careful eating habits, for example, avoiding additives, eating plenty of fibre and sticking to light meals. Thriftiness is one of the characteristics of this generation and careful consideration will be given to expenditure. However, years of ‘looking after the pennies’ has paid off for many, and they can afford to treat themselves when they want to – and they may well do so."
Not quite - yet....


Where does this put me then?

There were no results found for your selection. There needed to be at least 100 people with the name on the Electoral Register in 1998 to be in the database. We are hoping to add these missing names at a later date.


Looks like you're the same as me - unique!

I tried the more common spelling of my surname and found out that I should be a hill farmer somewhere towards the arctic end of Scotland, which doesn't sound right. Especially as the main concentrations of the Clan Remittance are supposed to be in Glasgow and Kent.

As for the Mater's maiden name. They got the location right (Kent and East Sussex) but say Ma's family are Town Centre Refugees. Given that it's a rare name and I know a fair few of the distaff clan this sounds a little odd to me.

Still the research was done by marketing bods so I guess one can read as much or as little into it as one cares to.

Oh and apparently I have Indian relatives! I always did wonder where my taste for Nuclear Vindaloo came from.


Sepia Memories? How about 'old fart'...that sounds more like it.

The site is down so I could try mine. But I would expect to rate lower than whale snot in the grand scheme of things.

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