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The knife amnesty at work...

Telegraph | News | 'I owe my life to brave men who stabbed dog'

A young woman severely injured in an attack by a friend's bull mastiff said she owed her life to the two men who wrestled with the dog and stabbed it to death.

Home Office | Turn in your knives to police

A clear cut message from the knife amnesty - hand your knife in to the police now.

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said, "The message of this campaign is simple - if you think you're protecting yourself by carrying a knife, you're not...


I hope they never search me then. My lethal weaponry carried as a matter of course includes:

One by 3 inch lock knife used to cut detonating cord and open explosives cases (that would send the sniffer dogs crazy!);

One by two inch, folding blade, fruit and biltong knife (NOT to be confused with the "explosives knife", the consequences of that mistake are disasterously messy!);

One by gurkha kukhri in the pickup for chopping firewood etc. when in the bundu.

This of course, does not include the assorted firearms paraphenalia (black powder, caps, empty cartridges etc.) usually left under the bench seat.

Thank God I live in the jurisdiction of the SAPS and not the Met.


So now we turn our knives and Bullmastiffs?

I owned a Bullmastiff for 9 years. He was "sharp" as they say and damn near unstoppable when his blood was up. At one point I lived on a street where every house was broken into and robbed except ours.

I never would have let a young woman come into the house while I was not home to watch him.


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