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PC Dragon at work

Telegraph | News | Pub in trouble for slaying Welsh dragon

The landlady of a pub who organised a St George's Day archery competition using the dragon on a Welsh flag as the target has been interviewed by police, after a report of alleged incitement to cause racial hatred.
Angie Sayer, 50, of the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset, said she used the Welsh flag as it was the only large picture of a dragon she could find.
She pinned it to the target in the beer garden, and locals in fancy dress used home-made bows and arrows to "slay the dragon".
Officers interviewed her for two hours. "It's lunacy to even suggest I'm a racist," she said.
"It was supposed to be a bit of a giggle."
Police said they would not be taking further action.

As far as I can see they average about 7 crimes a month on that beat and only solve one (16.9%) - actually that 16.9% includes those taken to court and found innocent a nicety that the police ignore. So obviously the excitement of a real "racial hate" crime and an arrestable person got them rushing down the lanes with bell on the Wolseley ringing..


The Welsh are a race?! I fail to see how the rozzers can be so totally humourless. Does government involve itself with every aspect of private life in the UK, even silly jokes and entertainments? It's amazing that, on one hand the "authorities" can have the time and energy to be so totally intrusive, yet seem completely unable to accomplish basic administrative tasks. How can they be viewed with anything but distrust and contempt?

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