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Light finger licking good

Telegraph | News | KFC meal 'ensures siege man's rights'

A suspected car thief who bombarded police with bricks and tiles during a rooftop siege was given a Kentucky Fried Chicken takeaway meal by officers to ensure his "well-being and human rights".
Police sealed off an area around the three-storey house in Gloucester yesterday after the 26-year-old man began dismantling a chimney and throwing objects at cars and passers-by.
A spokesman for Gloucester police said: "He has been demanding various things and one was a KFC bargain bucket. Although he's a nuisance, we still have to look after his well-being and human rights. He's also been given cigarettes."

Any toe-rag on a roof chucking bricks at me wouldn't be treated, if that is the right word, to a KFC meal but something rather smaller, pointier and somewhat harder....


Heartening to read this example of the Human Rights Act in action - ensuring that an amateur car removal experts's rights to sustenance & entertainment are catered to while nominally in 'custody'; surely, the very reason the Act was brought in!

However, I am shocked, shocked, that the Government's guidelines on sensible eating were not adhered to, and the vital sustenance provided consisted of junk food and fizzy pop, instead of a low fat, vegan salad & bottled spring water (choice of fizzy or still, slice of lemon optional).

And then, to compound this, the Surgeon General's warnings notwithstanding, a cigarette was provided.......

Surely the poor chap now has a claim against the police force (er, 'service')?

You know I'd have thought eating out of a bucket was usually viewed as violation of human rights

I hope they gobbed on it, before they gave it to him!!!!!!

The only way I can read this and retain my sanity is to believe that the Gloucestershire Constabulary were actually taking the piss by doing this.

Please, Lord, let Plod be so fed up with all this pc, human rights bullshit, they are actually pushing it to ridiculous levels in the hope the people will rebel. For if they aren't then I am afraid that a once proud nation is doomed.


Wasted opportunity for target practice. In the good ol' U.S., if this nitwit had been tying up traffic with his antics, the crowd below would be callin for him to "jump!"

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