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"culturally authentic and accurate"

Telegraph | News | BBC hires its own cultural watchdog

The BBC is hiring a "diversity tsar" to ensure that its channels and programmes are "culturally authentic and accurate".
Mary Fitzpatrick begins work next month ...(at I believe 70 k pa)

Jana Bennett, the BBC's director of television, said that the move was to "put audiences at the heart of what we do". She added: "To meet audiences' expectations in a changing world, we need our programmes to reflect fully and accurately the diversity of the UK population."

Miss Fitzpatrick said her job would not be about "quotas or box-ticking, but focusing minds on the fact that audiences are hugely diverse and they rightly expect to see themselves and their life experiences reflected on TV".

So "culturally authentic and accurate" - what is she going to do about Balamory -


The whole of Scotland is 98.4% white with the area around Tobermory, where it is filmed, even more monocultural (figures not online). You will notice the make up of the main characters above, the supporting cast is also as ethnically diverse.

So to be "culturally authentic and accurate" they would have to do a serious culling of characters! Remember the whole of the UK is 92.1% white, does that seem to be the proportion you see on the BBC?

If the BBC wants to project the UK as a culturally diverse and exciting place, if it wants to pretend that that Scottish fishing villages are as cosmopolitan as Islington - fine. Just don't come the "culturally authentic and accurate" lie to me, or with my money.


70k a year, eh? Nice.
The thing is though, I, and the thousands of my former colleagues that have been made redundant in one way or another, have been under the impression that the Beeb was strapped for cash and had to make itself "leaner and meaner".
Or is it more likely that with the last charter review done and dusted, the lip service being payed to value for money can be safely put away till next time?

I won't deny that thirty, forty, fifty years ago there was discrimination in Britain, but things have changed now. This whole racial equalities thing has just become a massive racket designed to feather the nests of special interest groups or, more particularly, assorted self-proclaimed "community leaders" and "experts".

Money and status is given to those who can shout the loudest and induce the most guilt in whitey.

If the "leader" of Group A can get on a soapbox and proclaim that his constituents are under represented, the liberal establishment runs around giving his constituents more jobs and bennies. This makes the people of Group A think their "leader" (for whom none of them actually voted) is a good chap and they start to clamour for him to be given lucrative sinecures on the taxpayers nickel.

And before this gets hung up on race, how many of the guys in the photo are freinds of Dorothy? How many of the girls wear comfortable shoes?


Clever people in Group B see this and copy. Now we have competition as Leader A has to out do Leader B for fear of loosing his perks. And so the whole charade continues with the poor dumb whiteys footing the bill because they are constantly being brainwashed about how evil and discriminatory they are.

Sorry, for a more clear translation please swap the last paragraph before "RM" with the one at the bottom.

Obviously I overindulged with the Bushmills again last night.


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