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Knee Jerks in Parliament

Smoking ban 'is based on bad science' - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

The Government takes more notice of scare stories than of evidence, a Lords committee has said

THE ban on smoking in pubs was an over-reaction to the threat posed by passive smoking and symptomatic of MPs' failure to understand the concept of risk, a House of Lords committee has said.
The Lords Economic Affairs Committee accused the Government of kneejerk reactions to scare stories about health, saying it did not weigh the risks. Ministers placed insufficient weight on available scientific evidence and relied instead on "unsubstantiated reports" when formulating policy.

Couldn't have put it better myself, though I think my verdict would have included a few more uses of the word "fuckwits" than their noble Lordships did.


Yet another argument for a second chamber independent of the government's influence and unburdened by the need to seek re-election methinks.


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