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A reader points out this article

icBirmingham - Why all true citizens need their own guns

Shootings continue daily and knife crime has reached epidemic proportion. Here Dr Sean Gabb from the Libertarian Alliance explains why he believes we need more guns to make us safer

The current debate on armed crime is depressingly predictable. Everyone agrees something must be done.

Just about everyone agrees this something must include laws against the sale or carrying or simple possession of weapons. More controls on weapons, the argument goes, the fewer weapons on the street: therefore lower levels of armed crime.

Now, this whole line of thinking is nonsense. ....

I think the other reader of this blog can probably recite the argument that follows, if not please refresh your memory of it. But outside the Blogosphere it is rare to hear it, and especially rare to read it in a newspaper.


As you say, nothing new in the argument, but interesting that it was given space in the MSM (even if it was only the Birmingham Post). Is it too early to say whether this is evidence of a change in the media's attitude to gun control?


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