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A view from south of the border

An Irish Republican perspective on life

Twin Towers and Haditha? What's the difference?

No comment needed.


view from south of the border

Do you even know where South Armagh is?

TE- Yes, and I know where and what QUB is and who pays for it. The headline may have been a bit lazy but it gave the right idea, maybe I should have called it "A View from Bandit Country!"

Chris is apparently heading for London for work since he hates the British so much........

I used to love Wednesdays in Bandit Country - all the wee Paddies dashing across the border from Dundalk where they worked to sign on for the dole in Crossmaglen and Forkhill....not adverse to taking the Brits' money even though they were't paying any British taxes by working in Dundalk!

I just love the split personality some of these people display.

People like Chris got a free ride in WWII and they are getting a free ride today. They are incapable of determining values that they can stand up and defend. Instead, they bite the hand that has been feeding them so long.

The sad news is that this person is apparently telling us that his education is complete. I wonder what his opinion will be in a few years when his dole has run out, his family has no medical care and jobs are only available to those that are willing to work?

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