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The NHS budget crises - A Modest Proposal

Let doctors kill without consent, says ethics expert - Britain - Times Online

DOCTORS should be allowed to help to kill terminally ill patients with or without their consent, a leading professor of medical ethics said yesterday...

And I don't think this is some Swiftian satire, rather just expressing the growing belief that the system knows what is best for us.
I have no objection to the unspoken and common practice of Doctors "easing" patients they know and understand but like so many things it is best left unformalised, otherwise we will stray in areas of quotas, targets and forms...


It is cruel, unusual and inhuman to terminate the life of someone who has consciously taken the lives of others, but it's OK to snuff out someone whose only "crime" is to be old and/or inconvenient.

Just which school of ethics did this leader in his field attend? It certainly taught neither humanity nor logic.

Still, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. With the government leading the country down an ever more authoritarian path it's no wonder the so-called caring professions should follow their lead.

I can't be arsed to find the links etc, but who's willing to bet that this guy's rationale for the proposal turns out to be very similar to that put forward by the Surgeon General of the Third Reich in, say, 1934 when he outlined future treatment plans for the mentally and physically disabled?


Soylent Green anyone?

Very ill and unconscious people are very expensive. Its the last few days of our lives that cost all the money - and why we agreed to pay all our tax money in the first place.

My father died after sustaining brain damage in an operation. The staff worked hard for 2 weeks, but it eventually became clear he would never recover and support was removed to let him die in peace.

If instead they had killed him when the problem was first found I would have called it murder. It was hard enough coming to terms with the loss without having to contend with medical killing. In treating him for 2 weeks they were also caring for myself and the rest of the family.

The proposal for Doctors to be allowed to kill terminally ill patients must never be accepted.

"..who's willing to bet that this guy's rationale for the proposal turns out to be very similar to that put forward by the Surgeon General of the Third Reich"

Or the Groningen Protocol, perhaps..?

I know one thing, any 'doctor' who decided of his own bat that my Mum was just too sick (read inconvenient) to keep around, would very suddenly join her.
Any quacks reading this are advised to google 'Mengele'

Groningen Protocol?



It didn't get a lot of publicity in the UK press, some in the US press, but not that much, when you consider the subject....

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