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Kennet Council Rubbish a local Hero

Rubbish Protester Says Hell Fight On (from This Is Wiltshire)

DEVIZES resident Phil Oliver is prepared to go to court after being told he had committed an offence by handing in a bag of household rubbish at Kennet District Council's offices.
Mr Oliver, of Cornfield Road, took his bag of rubbish to Kennet's offices at Browfort in Bath Road, Devizes, when it went uncollected due to a one day strike by refuse workers and Unison members in a row over pensions.
Kennet said his action in depositing the litter was a criminal offence and ordered him to pay a fixed penalty notice of 50.

"I was a bit fed up because rubbish from bags ripped open by cats had blown into my garden. I rang Kennet to find out when the rubbish would be collected and received a curt response that it would be the following week.

"I was a bit miffed by this so I took my bag of rubbish and went to Kennet's offices. I asked to see the manger of the refuse department and was told he was not in.

"I then gave my bag of rubbish to the receptionist and asked that she give it to the manager with the message that he should make suitable contingency plans for such events and not expect the rate paying public of Devizes to put up with rubbish all over the streets for a week. I was quite polite about it. I went straight from work and was wearing a shirt and tie."

Kennet Council said: "The council will not tolerate waste being dumped. This case of illegally deposited waste was passed to the legal department for consideration under the Environmental Protection Act."

Collecting the rubbish used to be the one and only service that Kennet Council could do efficiently - but they can't even do that now as they have far better things to spunk our money away on now. I hope he holds out against Kennet - and next time they fail to collect my rubbish I will be taking the tipping trailer into Browfort myself.


U.S. Republican Representative Marilyn Musgrave from Greely, Colorado has been running a strong campaign to be re-elected and was given a helping hand by democratic opponents when one pushed an envelope full of dog feces through her office mail drop.

This act appears to be sincere in it's criticism of the Representative and makes Phil Oliver's act of leaving rubbish pale by comparison.

I wonder if we may be witnessing a trend in new and creative demonstrations of appreciation for deserving public officials. I do not wish to encourage any additional acts, but would be interested in knowing if the Brits can top this? The pride of your country is at stake.


How dare he criticise the council?

The purpose of the council is to receive your money, if they choose to provide something in return it's merely voluntary on their part; certainly there's no obligation or contract moral or legal.

He needs to argue that the refuse in question wasn't dumped, but accepted by the council "I then gave my bag of rubbish to the receptionist...". If the receptionist wasn't authorised to accept rubbish then she should have refused it, when she accepted it he just assumed it was part of the contingency planning. The actual offence has probably been committed by the receptionist.

It probably won't do him any good, but he may as well drag it out for as long as possible.

Just realised, if it's actually criminal, and his receiving a fine he can also try the Bill of Rights defence "... all fines and forfeitures before conviction are void".

fdm -

Yep, seems that the concil acted illegally there.

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