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An apology to some American Friends

Water airlift for drivers stuck on M25 - Britain - Times Online

The lorry burst into flames on the anti-clockwise carriageway shortly before 10am...

The clockwise carriageway reopened at about 3pm and the anti-clockwise carriageway shortly before 6pm.

Spent yesterday evening with some very nice Americans who had just arrived in England and then spent their first afternoon stuck on the M25. They very extremely charming about it but incredulous how long it takes us to clear an accident - why don't they just bulldoze the wreck to one side? That is what happens in the States. Of course here the lost opportunity costs of all those poor souls on th motorway count for nothing compared to the importance of the various agencies who have to measure and examine and think about the crash before anything can be done about it.


If it was simply the time taken for investigation, the solution would be to equip every police traffic car with a digital camera. Thus in ten minutes a complete record of the crash site could be obtained. It would also increase the chances of photos of naked WPC's appearing on the interweb, which in itself would be a good thing.

Sadly I suspect the real reason is that the emergency services are required to conduct a vigourous risk assessment and safety training session before they are even allowed to unroll a hose reel or wheel out a stretcher.


no need to fit cameras to every jam sandwich - the M25 as CCTVs cameras on every bridge & signpost

Little chance of naked w plonk pics on the internet tho'


Ah but in in England, it's more like oportunism cost. Given that a large chunk of those delayed will be on the state pay roll, plus their colleagues who can use this as a viable excuse for non appearence the result is a 'need' to hire more state employees to cover those who are or may be delayed on any given day.

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