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Paying twice for a rubbish service

Rubbish bag 'tax' to encourage recycling - Britain - Times Online

HOMEOWNERS face paying a second tax for their household rubbish to be collected as part of a range of proposals to reform council tax, The Times has learnt.

I already pay 2000 a year to my local council and as far as I can see the weekly collection of a couple of bags of rubbish is about all I get in return - of course I see where the council spunks away money left, right and centre, subsidising yummy mummies to be pampered in luxurious leisure centres - why do I have to pay for that? - forward planning, making up grandiose schemed that will never happen, why am I paying for some planners' wet dreams? - Educational services, preventing half the money the taxpayers spend on education ever reaching the schools - building libraries, but not for books but so the feckless can borrow DVDs for less than Blockbusters...
So now having spent all the money on useless bloody projects they want to come back again for more money for the one service that used to be half decent. How nu-Labour, how Gordon Brown!


I entirely agree with you. Our community charge is also well north of two thousand a year for which getting our bins emptied (and it is done well) seems all we get for our money. It is a complete joke but not funny.

All this will do is make the feckless and skinflints try to place their rubbish outside YOUR door. It will make people dump rubbish away from their homes. It is barking mad. It is double taxation. It is systemically flawed. It is...New Labour.

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