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Mutton chops

New warning on mutton as brain disease hits sheep - Britain - Times Online

MEAT-EATERS have been told that avoiding mutton, goat and some sausages is the only way to reduce the risks from a new animal brain disease.
Britain's food watchdog admitted yesterday that it could not rule out a risk to human health from the brain disease atypical scrapie, which is similar to BSE.
The advice from the Food Standards Agency raises the most serious concern about the safety of the meat since the discovery of "mad cow" disease in cattle. The new disease is similar to classic scrapie, a brain-wasting disease that has been known in sheep for more than 100 years, but which has never posed health concerns in human beings.

Scrapie was actually first identified in 1732 and has probably been around a lot longer. There is no hint that this "new" type of scrapie is any more dangerous or is in fact new but as ever you can't prove a negative so the Nannies are grabbing at this bit of news - see story below...


Mad sausage disease? How do they diagnose it? Do you just reject all the sausages that flop about aimlessly in the pan or what? Inquiring minds need to know.

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