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Getting it right

Ascot wins the race to redevelop its course - Sunday Times - Times Online

The 200m showpiece stand at Ascot is ready for business - after a mere 20 months. It has been delivered on time and on budget.

I drove past the new stand and through the new underpass at the weekend - what a fantastic looking building. Just shows what can be done by private enterprise. While Her Majesty has taken a close personal interest in how Douglas Erskine-Crum, a former brigadier in the Scots Guards, has been keeping this project running on track the various Government leaders that have been helping out with Wembley Stadium, Bath Spa and the Dome have not been - they are too busy ensuring our Olympic stadia will be ready....


I for one will take a perverse pleasure in the 2012 Olympics being a total fuck up,unfortunatley by then we will probably have a bald David Cameron blaming it on Tony Blair,then, 15 years down the line prime minister Steven Twigg and his lovely male Thai bride blaming David Cameron for some other fuck up.
Wankers all of them.

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