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Your Licence fee at work,

BBC magazine to rival Spectator - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

The BBC is expected to cause fresh controversy over its commercial activities by producing a glossy weekly news and current affairs magazine.
Given the working title Newsbrief, it would compete with The Economist, The Spectator and the New Statesman.

Seeing the last two at least have over the years been bottomless pits for money I think we can be sure that this new magazine - and why do we need a new one? - has a reasonable chance of swallowing up some of the licence fee that the BBC mulcts from us. And of course it will have to be completely politically neutral....


I will not be buying it. Obviously for choice and on a sliding scale I would prefer the abolition of the BBC. Failing that I would restrict it to radio broadcasting with that limited to radio 4 and the world service. Dream on I guess.

Mind you I have not bought the Economist since it supported the ERM during the Major years. of course I've never bought the the New Statesman although a copy was once left in my house (I did not read it). As for the Speccie, I liked it best when I got it free at uni; after that I had to buy it and I finally stopped buying it when I ended my subscription under Mr Johnson's editorship.

Why would anyone buy a politically neutral magazine? It would be like alcohol free wine or a celibate whore.

serf, you made the exact point i had when i saw the article... and in a world where there is nothing on terestrial TV and most watch things on sky/freeview why do we still have to pay a TV licence

Which world is that then, newidea? In the real world, the terrestrial channels have far larger audiences than Sky.

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