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Buff Hoon defends Europe

Guardian Unlimited | UK Latest | Hoon bids to hail value of EU

A new mission to explain the value of the European Union to the British public is to be announced by Europe minister Geoff Hoon.
Years after successive Tory and Labour leaders vowed to put the nation at the heart of Europe, Mr Hoon is effectively saying it is time to put Europe at the heart of Britain.

He will say it is now vital to revive interest in what the EU does, adding: "An inability to see how events in Brussels affect life and work in the UK is magnified by the effect the continuing debate on the future of Europe has on the British public.

"My aim is to restart the debate in this country - and in particular to rekindle interest in the European Union.

"We need to show the British people that the European Union can and does make a difference to their lives.

Nothing there I can disagree with, restart the debate and show how the EU effects us - what we have been saying for quite a while. Bring it on!

Ceterum censeo Unionem Europaeam esse delendam


I look forward to the general public being told axactly what the EU does. They will be up in arms.

There is no disputing that the European Union can and does make a difference to ours lives, it is however invariably bad and we donít like it.

Of course, whenever one of these lying Nulabour bastards says "We want to start a debate", what they really mean is "We want to stifle all debate".

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