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Must read new blog

Labour AchievementsOver the course of this summer, Labour will be trying to highlight 40 of their achievements since 1997. I thought I'd help them out...

Hat tip Iain Dale's Diary: 40 Things That Make You Embarrassed to be Labour


Lol, it's the Borg Queen. And comments are allowed. Now I'll have something to do whilst the rest of England watches the footie.

Take a look at this on ebay, Depending on your sense of humour it will either crack you up or go down like a diplomatic escort


Just a woman from Texas who found this site by accident... I was shocked to say the least at all of the hate and animosity!! I have been around racism all of my life, being from the south, but ya'll take the cake!! My fiance is from Iran, and I have to say that he isn't as angry or as mean hearted as ya'll. I see the pain in his eyes when he sees the news or hears about old friends who have been killed or injured in this insane war... I see his poor mother fighting back tears when she gets ugly looks or comments from people when we are out in public, and it kills me inside. Why? Why so much hate? Can any of you make sense out of it?

“Can any of you make sense out of it?”

Yes Christy, you are a daft and hopelessly lost moonbat that should not be allowed near a computer or on the inter-net.

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