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I just wish he'd shut up, frankly

Telegraph | News | Blair should shut up about sentencing, says ex-prisons chief

Asked on BBC2's Daily Politics programme about Mr Blair's announcement of new measures to curb the early release of offenders, Lord Ramsbotham, a former chief inspector of prisons, said: "I just wish he'd shut up, frankly.
"One of the problems that there has been recently is announcement after announcement from the Prime Minister that he's going to do this and that and the other. More people are going to come in for longer, but unfortunately all that's doing is crowding the system even more than it is."
He said the Home Office had three priorities - arrest people more quickly, sentence them more severely and reduce prison overcrowding. "They are mutually conflicting," he said.

Could hardly have put it better myself.


They only conflict if you don't build more prisons, but then Ramsbotham and his ilk are opposed to that (but don't want to admit it to the public), and Gordon either sympathises or doesn't care, as he's not about to allow more money to build those prisons.

Gildas beat me to it, but I echo his sentiments.

If Blair really meant what I claims he does there would be more money to build prisons, more money to expand the court service and a change of emphasis in the police force from uniformed social work to thief taking.

Of course the Dear Leader cannot actually do anything because his own back benchers don't want any of that and Gordon won't pay for it. He's just a lame duck limping towards the end of an uninspiring career.


The gurning ape has been promising the world for the last 12 years and has delivered nothing other than chaos, apart from being over taken by a barely controllable desire to shout c*** every time his ugly mug pops up on TV I just ignore him

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