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How Blair is killing our soldiers

EU Referendum - How Blair is killing our soldiers

This is an unusually long post, but I make no apologies for it. In my view, this is a vitally important issue quite literally a matter of life and death. Please bear with me at the end of the post, I am asking for direct action from all our readers

You can get the address details of your MP here - including email addresses.


I've emailed Patrick Mercer former CO 1 WFR about this.

It is always interesting to see how decisions that have little to do with a leader (Blair), are made to appear that the leader is personally culpable.

This is an extreme form of politicizing what should be a military cost/benefit decision. I fail to see what Blair has to do with the subject.

If you want my input on Blair, I thank him for his ability to keep the free world focused on a common enemy when he has so many enemies within his own country. Makes me wonder if the English eat their own young?

The Nyala is a good vehicle but it is not a panacea. It is a Rhodesian/South African design concept which will protect very well against small arms fire and conventional anti-tank mines. But I doubt that it would defeat an attack by some of the sophisticated Hizbollah/Iranian inspired IEDs which are very effective indeed. The Nyala is also a big vehicle - you would not want to take into the medieval rabbit warren of old Basra. The snatch isn't perfect but it is a reasonable compromise. The stink is that we are not spending enough on defence - but this is not the best specific argument...

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