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Is this German Humour?

Just checking who has linked to me last week I find this: Technorati Search: www.anenglishmanscastle.com

Wo die Gewehre sind, weiß heute keiner. Allerdings abends oft auf ARTE zu sehen. Feuer, Messer, Schere, Licht... England Engländer geben 5 Pfund Trinkgeld, wenn "We are so (lang ziehen) sorry" gesagt wird. Dann gleich noch mal 10, wenn ein kurzes "Stillgestanden"...

MY Action Comic German and Google's Translation service fail to make any sense of it - but I feel it is a wind up not a bunch of nasties - am I right?


This is a really strange blog, I can't make much sense of it. But it doesn't seem to have a political agenda and doesn't look like a bunch of nasties.

The entry linking to you is about the Football World Cup, Germany and national symbols, but I don't really get the point of the paragraph with link to you. The sentence translates to as much as "The English will give a £5 tip if you say 'we are soooo sorry'. And another 10 if it is followed by a shouted 'Stillgestanden'.". Doesn't make any sense and isn't funny in German either.

The entry is here:

If I were you I would enlist the services of Mr In Actual Fact.

I speak German, and I hardly understand it...

Anyway, the blog's title appears to be tongue-in-cheek, ironic.

Just checking who has linked to me last week I find this..
"If I were you I would enlist the services of Mr In Actual Fact.
Posted by: Toque"
It's nice of Little Man to think of me, although Armin gives a perfectly good translation above. And he's completely correct, it's not funny in German. In fact it doesn't make much sense in German either - it looks as if it's been through the Google translator a couple of times before it was published. I thought my style of writing could be described as rambling, but they have me beaten on that one as well.
Not nasty or a wind up, more that they wanted to link to an "englishman" methinks - and I believe you rate quite highly on google for that particular search phrase... Their logo is kind of nice though..

After half a year of consideration I finally decided:

Yes, we are funny.

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