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Climate change and a greenhouse gas

During my weekly bath I was contemplating, as one does, the role of dimethyl sulphide emissions - naturally produced by marine algae. This gets released into the atmosphere where it forms sulphate particles which seed clouds, making it cloudier and hence cooler. So what about the reductions of in the amount of sulphur we have been pumping into the atmosphere? Here is a quick cobbled together graph of recent "global warming" from 1945 to 1995 ( the coloured line) compared to an INVERSE of the amount of sulphur, or even sulfur, the USA has been emitting. You will note the reduction of sulphur emissions towards in the 80s and 90s. Pretty good fit eh?
I also include a graph of atmospheric CO2 concentrations to compare as well. Now I don't claim any rigour in this analysis, it is simply something worth remembering when CO2 is fingered as the only culprit, there are many other suspects out there and we simply don't know how they work together...
s emissions climate change.jpg

Sources:Sulfur and Nitrogen Emission Trends for the U.S.- Sulfur Production and Emissions
Jean-Marc Jancovici

Image:Instrumental Temperature Record.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jean-Marc Jancovici


But Mr Englishman,

You too are committing a cardinal sin when displaying your data. What's the y-axis scale please?

I am sure that this oversight was an honest mistake. Heaven forbid you should be accused of using the same dodgy statistical tactics as Chums of the Bunnies.


A modest proposal: why doesn't someone plot the numbers joining the Church of Global Warming versus the number giving up Marxism and Freudianism? Just to test my Principle of the Conservation of Gullibility.

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